About Me

I wanted to take a few moments to welcome everyone to my blog and explain a little about what I’m doing.

This blog was originally started as a project for an editing class I took in college. It was a newspaper editing class with a political focus, so many of the posts have a political nature. There are a few music reviews too. Feel free to browse them if you want.

When I decided I wanted to start blogging again, I resurrected this blog.
I considered creating a new blog, but I failed to see the point in that.

Anyways, I have a passion for music.This blog will focus on my reviews for said mediums. When I was younger I listened to all kinds of metal music, and I will always have an affinity for that type of music.

But lately I have expanded my tastes by listening to as many different types of music and essential recordings as possible. My Ipod has everything from Blackwater Park to Songs in the Key of Life to A Love Supreme.

I also do some video game reviews from time to time. Probably not very often. I’m not big on first person shooters. Anything else is peachy in my book.

I try to review stuff I like and enjoy, as well as things I think are relevant. I also take requests. I try to mix it up between well known artists along with lesser known people who I think are doing cool things.

I have a degree from Middle Tennessee State University in Journalism. There I worked as a DJ for the radio station playing a metal show. My DJ name was The Author, which is where my profile name comes from. I don’t go by that anymore though.

Feel free to ask me anything.