Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Former student trainer gets shout out on

It's not everyday that you scan through the pages of and acutally read about someone that you know, but it happened to me today. Andrew Haag was a trainer for the football team I played for in high school at Hendersonville High. When he was eight years old, Haag and his family were in a car crash that claimed the lives of his father and older brother, and his other brother was injured. He sustained abdominal injuries and a broken back that forces him to use forearm crutches and leg braces to get around, even to this day. He was always a really well respected guy at HHS, and I'd often see him around the locker room helping out with equipment and handling other various duties. I haven't seen him since I graduated, and I honestly didn't even know he was associated with the UT football program. But it was good to see him get a mention. I always thought he was a good guy who was always willing to work hard and was very down to earth. If I remember correctly, he should have one more year as a UT Vol. I wish him the best of luck there and to whatever he does down the road.

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