Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Iamamiwhoami is the master of electro/dream/synth pop

Jonna Lee has made her bed and is ready to lie down in it. Even if that bed is made of toilet paper.

Iamamiwhoami is the electro-pop side project of Swedish singer Jonna Lee, which launched in 2010 under a great shroud of mystery. Initially no one knew who the artist actually was, as Lee's visage was obscured in numerous ways.

In one video she was covered in mud, in another her whole body was wrapped in plastic, and she was even disguised as a giant salad. Each new video was filled with cryptic clues that seemed to raise more questions than they answered.

But the biggest mystery now is how more people haven't heard about her.

Maybe her method of distribution has something to do with that. You won't have luck looking for an iamamiwhoami disc on the shelves; Lee releases only a single song at a time and posts it to her Youtube page. And, of course, iTunes and Amazon.

After a string of stellar releases to end 2010, Lee had been silent for the first five months of 2011. That is, until she struck with ;John in May, an exuberant, up-tempo dance number with a decidedly sexual bent. The video, which featured Lee dancing on a bed of toilet paper, was impressive.

Her latest single, Clump, is much more subdued in comparison. In this clip, Lee is now laying on her TP bed and presumably doing the nasty. It looks as though it's the last place on earth she'd prefer to be, and the wistful tone of the song complements this perfectly.

The production work is fantastic. If you're producer, you'll positively have an eargasm to this. For that matter, even if you aren't a producer you'll be floored. A bottom end propelled by thick, sludgy beats offsets Lee's soaring vocals. And it builds up to a dreamy synth bridge which is the stuff of legends.

If you haven't listened yet, treat yourself:

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