Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is it just me, or does the music scene seem like it's becoming trashier by the moment? Songs are starting to light up the radio with a penchant for exhorting sexuality. But something's different this time. Some of the songs I've been hearing lately are just way over the top. But I'm not offended... in fact, I think it's hillarious. Take some examples, like "Addicted" by Saving Abel. In a 3 and a half minute song, the singer tells us no less than five times how awesome it is to have his girlfriend sucking him off. That's great, but don't you think we get it already? Another prime example is the new Theory of a Deadman song, "A Bad Girlfriend." In it, he describes his girlfriend as being a dick magnet who likes to shake her ass and gets her ass grabbed. A less recent but just as viable example also comes from Puddle of Mudd, "Control." Where he keeps repeating over and over again how much he likes "the way you smack my ass."
I just really think that sometimes music can be way over the top when it comes to being explicit and in your face about describing sexual activity and sexuality in general, especially when there is no other redeeming values lyrically or otherwise.

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