Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A word before the election

So today is the day in which we will finally find out who the president will be. Today, we will learn who will be the man to lead us for the next four years. Somehow, I feel who we select will be more important than any election we've had in quite a while. I could make this a post hailing one candidate and deriding the other, but I won't. I just hope that we pick the best man for the job, because I think the last two elections have proven how crucial that is. I sometimes wonder what this nation would be like today if we had eight years of Gore instead of eight years of Bush. But all I really want to say is that I hope whoever it is will utilize their wisdom, courage, and integrity to lead this nation to a period of greatness in economic and social affairs and in world standing. And if you haven't voted, get out there and vote. Even if it's for a 3rd party candidate; there's nothing wrong with that, although some people would probably have you believe so.

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