Friday, November 12, 2010

Bethany Cosentino is sorry she lost your favorite T-Shirt. She'll buy you a new one.

Genre: Indie Pop
Mexican Summer
Running Time: 31:39

What do you get when you mix sun soaked California surf rock from with the feminine intuition of Bethany Cosentino? You have Crazy For You, the debut album from the California pop rockers, and it does not disappoint.

The album's main strength is how it seamlessly fuses together so many different elements. There is a major emphasis on catchy melodies and solid songwriting. And there are some other key factors that give the music a unique vibe, such as the grainy, lo-fi production that provides that all important indie vibe.

And then there is Bethany Cosentino.

You can't overstate what a game changer the Best Coast frontwoman is. She's the kind of girl your mom doesn't want you to date, but you know you just can't stay away from.

Over the disc's 30 minutes, Cosentino reveals that she dropped out of school, she has a fondness for marijuana, and she lost your favorite T-shirt. (She'll buy you a new one. A better one!)

For most people, these would be really bad qualities to have. But for Cosentino, they establish her firmly in the mold of sexy rocker chick. The personality she injects into her music is a major part of what makes this record stand out.

Of course, drugs and rock 'n' roll aren't all Cosentio is about. She's a girl looking for love, and apparently has a hard time with it. "Boyfriend," expresses the angst you feel when you can't be with the person that you really want.

"Goodbye" speaks of feeling downtrodden when you're apart from your lover, while "The End" finds Cosentino hoping to find a love that will last for all time. On the surface, the album seems like simple, breezy summertime music. But the lyrics provide a contrasting melancholy feeling.

If you've heard the lead single, Boyfriend, you know Cosentino can do some special things when it comes to vocal arrangements. One of the most stunning examples comes on "I Want To," which has a striking shifting vocal melody. And the tempo shift that comes near the end of the song is genius.

I find many of the songs have really nice endings. "Goodbye" and, more specifically, "When I'm With You," employ a general buildup throughout the course of the song which leads to some truly breathtaking outros.

Crazy for You is chock full of shifting tempos and rhythms, crunchy surf rock guitar, and contains delectable melodies while still maintaining its indie sensibilities. And it's all delivered by one of the most magnetizing personalities to emerge in the indie scene in quite sometime. Give it a chance, and you may soon find that you're crazy for Best Coast.

Score: 91/100

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