Friday, June 6, 2014

Mastodon unveils another new song, "Chimes at Midnight"

Atlanta prog metallers Mastodon are releasing a flood of new material from their upcoming album, Once More Round the Sun. In addition to a new trailer hyping the album, they've also released a new single. "Chimes at Midnight," boasts heavy, driving riffs but is also big on atmospherics. The guitar intro is reminiscent of something Opeth would do around the era of Blackwater Park, though not coming close to capturing the majesty they had there.

Bran Dailor's drumming doesn't seem nearly as propulsive as it did on previous records, but he still provides some great fills and great moments. "Chimes at Midnight" is better than the first single, "High Road" but still not amazing. This seems to be pointing that we will get an album at least on par with The Hunter, maybe better, but likely not up with their first three records.

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