Saturday, February 25, 2012

Iamamiwhoami breaks silence with album news

There aren't many artists who can get me this pumped up over the release of a single song, but Iamamiwhoami has truly mastered the art of self promotion. Every time a new track drops on her Youtube account, it's a like a mini event for her entire fanbase. She'd been silent since the release of ";John" and "Clump" last summer, but now Jonna Lee is a back with a whole load of new news. While ;John and Clump felt like two pieces of a whole, the new track "Sever" steps away from the chilly atmosphere of the electronic work to place a greater focus on the vocals. This time Lee pulls off a icy, otherworldly performance that presents an odd serenity I haven't heard from her since "U-1."

If that's not awesome enough, it is also apparent that we won't be waiting six months for her next track to drop. A release schedule has been posted for a few more songs over the next month, which will apparently set the stage for the release of an Iamamiwhoami album. Cooperative Music Germany made a Facebook post announcing the release of the debut album Kin, set to take place on June 8. Now excuse me while I go off to scream like a schoolgirl.

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