Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Trippy psychedlic DJ Ott knows just how to get a dancefloor shaking

English music producer Ott is responsible for one 2011's best records in Mir, and he brought his unique blend of fun, zany and tripped out psychedelic techno to Nashville's Exit/In for a crazed Sunday night dancefest. Bizarre is what he does, and he does it in many ways. Exotic undersea anthems, whacked out Indian scat vocals, fierce buzzing warbly bass driven tunes, and blissfully grooving Caribbean themes are just a small part of his repertoire.

English DJ Ott gets funky with a loopy kazoo performance.

Helping out was his Seeing I band, which brought a more dynamic and organic seasoning to his compositions. Guitarist Naked Nick helps out with light vocal and and keyboard work, but his guitar blends in so well with the overall palette that it's tough to discern his overall contribution with the instrument. Chris Barker's bass, meanwhile,  is the most important single element in the band behind Ott himself. No matter what style is being espoused, Barker's bass is always grooving which in turn gets the booties shaking.

Drummer Matt White looks like the most depressed guy in the world, like he's the odd man out at a party with the cool kids. His work isn't very technical or fast-paced, but his steady tick-tick-ticking provides a constant calming presence.

When you need a backing band, who you gonna call?

Clad in his Frogadelic t-shirt, Ott commenced the madness. After opening with "Daisies and Rubies" from his sophomore album Skylon, Ott then proceeded into a Mir marathon. He next kicked it into the light, fluffy Caribbean brushstrokes of "Someday I Wish to Have This Kind of Time." Also highlighted was the funky mechanical buzzing of "Squirrel and Biscuits" and the dreamy thoughtful splendor of "The Aubergine of the Sun." But he showed his music can also take a more sinister and darker tone, evidenced by the brooding dubstep infused tune "Owl Stretching Time" and the journey through spacey dub that is "Adrift in Hilbert Space."

Another nice twist was a crew of artisans and painters stationed toward the back near the merch table, which added a nice flavoring to the night. The artwork on display actually complemented Ott's performance very well. This is no Georgia O'Keffe; the images displayed were very bright, warm and inviting, while still giving you something to think about. Much like Ott's work itself. Opening act Nadis Warriors actually had a guy onstage with them painting a mural. When he began it was just a bunch of glob on a canvas but by the end of their set he had crafted it into a portrait of the galaxy. With the Earth smack dab in the center, the planets were outlined beneath, arrayed in stunning fashion.

Dance party, art museum; either way ya can't go wrong.

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