Saturday, May 31, 2014

Alter Bridge slap Atlanta's Tabernacle with slab of grueling hard rock

Everybody, on a certain level, enjoys a good melodic hard rock song with a strong hook, unless you're one of those hipsters who only appreciates music if it's an 18 minute post rock song that sounds like the world's ending. And let's be honest -- if that's the case, no one likes you.

Whenever I need to get my fix for this, Alter Bridge are always one of my sure bets. They're not fancy but they do deliver powerful, hook filled sing alongs, with a level of instrumentation that puts them head and shoulders above your run of the mill 102.9 The Buzz radio rock band. The band's April 18 performance at Atlanta's Tabernacle was a showcase for their high, sweeping, fist pumping choruses.

Frontman Myles Kennedy's voice pierced through the during "Isolation" turning the massive, four story theatre into a gigantic sing along. In the same breath, they are also the type of band capable of blowing you away with technical prowess demonstrated best on cuts like "Ties That Bind." "Blackbird," meanwhile, delivered nearly 8 minutes the most inspired singing and guitar soloing in their catalog.

Other significant moments included the crowd singing Happy Birthday for guitarist Mark Tremonti, who celebrated his 40th birthday the night before. He capped it off by stepping behind the microphone for "Waters Rising," a cut from their newest album Fortress, and gave us a rare opportunity to hear his vox. What was curious was the fact that very little material was played from Fortress, despite this being the support tour for the album. Instead, the band stuck heavily to their well known hits and focused mostly on their critically acclaimed Blackbird album.

Mark Tremonti of Alter Bridge delivers passion on the mic and on guitar.

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